Higher Education Business Strategy for the New Era.

We advance innovation capacity and accelerate business transformation by leveraging university partnerships and emerging technology.


Increase revenue opportunities and research funding by advancing innovation capacity and technology commercialization through ecosystem identification and development, strategic university - private partnerships, and customized funding models.

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Business Transformation.

Reduce costs and increase revenues by strengthening organizational innovation capacities and promoting business transformation models.

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Use Crowder Strategies tools to explore data visualization dashboards and development feasibility software.

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Better outcomes with proven methods.

We provide the technical assistance to align strategic initiatives to specific and quantifiable goals. Our business intelligence solutions integrates targeted analytics for business transformation to identify and implement operational efficiencies for administrative cost reduction. We enable change management strategies and add value through data and KPI visualization, and dashboard reporting to track analytical insights that incorporate machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies.

Deep Higher Education, Government, and Finance Roots.

Born out of a passion for education and the belief in the importance of quality public and academic institutions to our global society, we design strategies that ensure enduring success, stability, and thriving educational platforms for future generations. We provide a view of the innovation ecosystem that is unique and actionable to higher education institutions, government, and quasi-government agencies. Our approach leverages a strategic partnership model that encourages collaboration, embraces emerging technologies, and integrates effective business strategy and performance monitoring with business intelligence solutions.

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