Are you ready? COVID-19 brings unprecedented economic disruption. Our recommended strategies to address the pandemic include - strengthening organizational innovation capacities, embracing emerging technology, integrating effective business strategy, and adopting business intelligence solutions.

Business Transformation Services.

We can identify and articulate strategies designed to improve efficiency, cut costs, increase revenues, and ensure accountability.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Business Intelligence / Data Analytics

  • Commercial Real Estate Finance

  • Organizational Hygiene

  • Project Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Information Technology

  • Procurement / Strategic Sourcing

  • Budget Design

  • Data Science / Machine Learning

  • Benefits Management

  • Shared Services

  • Outsourcing

  • Portfolio / Product Complexity Rationalization

  • Product / Program Density

Sustained Productivity Improvement.

Constant improvement and innovation remain the core of our business strategy philosophy.

Some key questions to consider:

  • What level of productivity improvements are required to remain competitive and reach our performance aspirations?

  • Given a multi-year productivity target, what is the gap considering existing productivity initiatives?

  • What are the major areas of opportunity and promising cost pools we should explore to close the gap?

  • What governance model should be put in place to oversee the proposed initiatives?

Productivity Framework
A sample approach and timeline to identify and satisfy the productivity improvement requirements based on a comprehensive examination of facts, alternatives, key decisions, commitment to key milestones, roadmap creation, and performance monotoring based on KPI tracking.

Procurement Management & Strategic Sourcing.

Procurement management and strategic sourcing affect major cost centers and require critical enablers to lay the foundation of operational efficiency success. We utilize Business Intelligence tools to identify the opportunity and develop strategies to achieve savings. Our tools are designed to address:

Procurement Framework
The graphic incorporates 8 different and unique workstreams to produce savings and efficiencies that define the value chain based on 4 categories where greater visibility is needed to drive value and savings based on the business process framework defined in the top 5 processes they are pursuing (or should be in some cases). There is a value chain (3 categories) that demonstrates where the value comes from based on the sourcing strategy.

Crowder Strategies on Business Transformation.